Reviews of the Mystic Staxx Online Slot

Reviews of the Mystic Staxx Online Slot

Unlock symbol stacking and enormous wilds on the Mystic Staxx slot machine. The 8×6 symbol grid of this desktop and mobile game by Red Tiger is filled with lucky coins and Chinese lanterns.

Your objective is to accumulate ever-increasing stacks of these symbols to win up to 2,000 times your initial wager. This makes it easy to line them up across the forty paylines, with the assistance of a wild symbol that may substitute for others. Eventually, it transforms into a monstrous wild to amplify the winning potential.

Mystic Staxx is a game with strong volatility and a return to player average of 95.74 percent. Read on to discover the secrets revealed in our whole assessment.

How to Play the Online Slot Game Mystic Staxx

On the 8 reels of the Mystic Staxx slot machine are symbols with exquisite intricacy. Lucky pennies wrapped in colorful silk are worth less than the intricate green, purple, blue, and red lanterns. On PCs, iOS, Android, and Windows devices, the degree of detail is amazing, and you may play it at all the recommended online casinos.

The artisans at Crimson Tiger have spared no expense on the background, with a gilded frame placed against a colorful red backdrop giving a beautiful backdrop for the reels. However, the music does not quite suit, since the gentle mechanical clicks are broken by jingles whenever a player wins. We were anticipating opulent Asian-inspired music, but it’s pleasant enough.

The stake range for the Mystic Staxx online slot machine is between $0.10 and $40.00. Tap the Stake button and choose your wager level using the scroll bar. The Auto button next to it spins the reels automatically, while the 3 lines at the top of the game display the paytable.

This indicates how many times your line wager each symbol is worth upon landing sufficient instances of the same kind on any of the first 40 lines. The value of the blue wild symbol ranges from 60x to 2000x, depending on how many of the eight reels it appears on.

Expanding Stacks & Additional Mystic Staxx Slot Characteristics

When you initially play the online slot machine Mystic Staxx, all symbols are stacked two-high on the reels. Keep an eye out for a golden 3×3 ‘Expand’ sign. It may appear at any moment, so you may be fortunate and see it within the first few spins, or you may have to wait a bit. Once it lands, symbols turn into stacks of three and expand by one row whenever the Expand symbol appears. The maximum stack size is twenty rows, and it gets simpler to match up combinations as the stack grows.

Once you reach the maximum 20-symbol height, an additional reward awaits. The Expand sign is no longer required, therefore it transforms into a 3×3 golden wild symbol that functions identically to the blue wild and substitutes for others to help form winning combinations. It may take a while for the reels to reach their maximum height, but even stacks of 4 or 5 symbols may have a significant impact on the win rate, so you do not absolutely need to play until they reach their maximum height.

Mystic Staxx Slot Maximum Winnings, Returns on Average, and Volatility

The maximum prize on the Mystic Staxx slot machine is 2,000 times your wager, or $80,000.00 at $40.00 stakes, hence it is not among the top paying slots. This is a highly volatile game in which the relative rarity of winning combinations is offset by larger-than-average payouts. It returns 95.74 percent of bets in prize money over the long run, which is little less than we would anticipate from a high volatility game.

Our Mystic Staxx Slot Recommendation

The Mystic Staxx slot is a compelling game because to its stunning visuals and smart Expand function. It has a somewhat lower than average return to player % and a maximum win of 2,000 times.

However, it is still a game we recommend. The slow increase of symbol stacks is an interesting element, and the inclusion of the wild makes it more probable that you will collect winnings as they expand. The expansion of stacks to 20 symbols may take some time, but the huge wild makes the wait worthwhile.

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